Student Resources

The Academy is Here to help Students

The leaders of the Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists) are impressed with the current group of students of dentistry and their enthusiasm for developing a philosophy of providing humanitarian service.  We are pleased with the leadership and initiative that is forth-coming from this group of dental professionals.  This is one of the reasons why we offer free membership in the Academy throughout the students’ training and for two years after graduation.

There are many tools available from the Academy, which can help students learn the techniques of providing service and formulate a life-long pattern of proper skills.

Since humanitarian service projects in foreign countries come with a great deal of financial and time commitment, students are encouraged to look for opportunities locally, until the time is such that one can afford to donate this service.  In the mean time, the following resources might help the student understand the resources available through the Academy:

    • If students are involved with a Student Chapter of the Academy, the Chapter President can “check out” one of the many training DVDs presented by the Academy’s founder Dr. Gordon J. Christensen to be shown at a training session for the chapter students.  Students who participate in a Student Chapter of the Academy find it valuable to interact with others of the same belief, challenges, and aspirations.  The Academy will help students start their own Chapter, if there isn’t one available at their school.
    • Written materials appear periodically that are valuable in training the dental professional in how service projects should be developed.  Student members receive, free of charge, the email Publications of the Academy, which include the monthly Academy Headlines and biannual Academy Examiner newsletter.
    • Each year the Academy offers Student Scholarships to dental and hygiene students each year to qualified individuals.  This demonstrates our support in helping the students with the increasing costs of education.
    • Mentor Program. Do you have questions about school-related topics, setting up a practice, good business ethics? These are just some of the things a mentor can give you guidance about. This is an exciting new program available to young dentists in their first three years of dental practice or for dental students.  The Academy has seasoned dentists who have volunteered to be mentors and will pair you up with a mentor. Due to the high volume of requests, our mentor program is not currently taking requests. We are working to have more mentors available – please check back soon!
    • Students can receive a subscription to the Gordon J. Christensen’s Clinicians Report for FREE (a $149/year value). The registration process includes an option to request the Clinicians Report.
  • The chapter on “Third-World Volunteer Dentistry”was written by Dr. Richard Smith, at the request of Dr. Karl R. Koerner, both members of the Academy, and was published to assist dentists involved with dental humanitarian service.  It outlines the preparation and planning, which should take place for a project, and details tools and skills to treat this unique population of needy patients.
  • Our 6-part Collection of Service Videos teaches the viewer about the practical and how-to instructions of serving patients around the world and are worth the time to watch them.
  • If questions arise, which cannot be answered from advisers or professors, students can contact the Academy leadership at at and we’ll do our best to answer your question or link you with someone who can.