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Some Valuable Counsel to Students . . .   

from the Academy’s Founder:   Dr. Gordon J. Christensen

Just over 40 years ago, I was asked by Church leaders to form an organization for the many dentists in the LDS community. This had never been done before that time. We did so, and the Academy has been in successful operation since 1977.

You may know that our profession is represented in the Church to a much higher level than any other health profession.  Dentistry is a highly popular career choice among LDS students, and dentists within the Church hold a high percentage of Church and civic leadership positions wherever they reside.

If I were you, soon to be a dentist, why would I want to become a member of the Academy?  I have enumerated several important points that I know will spark your interest:

Continuing Education

The day you graduate from dental school, you will have received a great education, adequate to begin a practice.  However, we are told that within five years, one-half of your education will be out of date.

The Academy has the best CE program in the profession, provided in an August conference just before BYU’s Campus Education Week.  Over many years, we have had hundreds of the best international speakers in the profession present at our program.  Also, the conference includes programs for spouses and children, great fellowshipping, and a wonderful dinner and spiritual fireside.


Regardless of where you set up your practice, from time to time it will be necessary to refer patients to dentists in other geographic locations.  You know of the honesty and altruistic behavior of LDS members. What better referral base can you find?

Service Opportunities

The Academy sponsors hands-on service excursions around the world. Hundreds of Academy members have participated in these life-changing experiences.  As soon as you are stable in your practice, such programs will become very attractive to you.

Speaking Opportunities

The Academy has sponsored CE courses for thousands of dentists in developing countries.  Academy members go each year to provide these useful programs to dentists of every faith.

Combining Professional Activity and Your Faith

I know that you will enjoy the opportunity to renew school friendships and create new ones with Academy members from around the world.  The combination of the eternal characteristics of our faith with professional activity is a fantastic blessing to both patients and dentists.

I am pleased to add to your knowledge of an organization I know will be of interest to you, the Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists), and to invite you to become a student member at no charge. 

Furthermore, there will be no charge for membership to the Academy for two years after you graduate from dental school. We hope you will join.

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about what I consider to be one of the finest dental organizations available to YOU.

Very sincerely,

Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
Founder and Past President
Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists)

P.S.  If your school has an Academy’s Student Chapter – sign-up!   If it doesn’t, get together with your classmates and create one.  The Academy can help you!

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