Service In The South Pacific

Service In The South Pacific

The clinics in the South Pacifc have been blessed to have dozens of volunteers serving throughout this past year, many of them Academy members. In the Samoa Pesega Clinic:

Dr. Robert Lorenz and wife,

Janice (3 mo.); Dr. Gail Goodman and wife, Linda (2 mo. in Samoa, 2 mo. in Tonga, and 1 week in Fiji); Dr. George Spencer and wife, Linda (serving 18-month mission as directors of the Pasega Clinic), and Dr. Kent Davis and wife, Sandy (6 mo.). Dr. Wayne Chisholm and Dr. Clyde Larsen served 3 weeks in Kiribati.

Tom Evans, a dental equipment serviceman, with his wife, Sharon, also donated a month in the Tonga and Samoa clinics, as well as government hospital dental clinics. They did equipment upgrades and repairs and arranged donations of new equipment to the LDS Clinics. Thanks goes to the Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists), Deseret International Foundation, and Dr. Richard Call who helped to pay expenses incurred with their service.

Tonga Liahona Clinic: Dr. Stephen Johns and wife, Sue are full-time senior missionaries and Directors of the clinic; Dr. Kevin Conde and wife, Georgene with t

heir two daughters; Dr. Meilir Tee Evans from Wales; Dr. Nia Benson; in May Dr. Brad Smith and wife Sherrie from Midwestern University in Arizona, with 18 students and 7 faculty members; two

dental students from Germany; Dr. Chuck Simpson and his wife, Linda, and their three children; and another group of Midwestern University students in November.

Dr. Bryce Barfuss, his wife, Heidi, and their 5 children: Logan, Makayla, Maddison, Braden, and Ella spent from June 15th – August 9th serving
at the Tonga Clinic. They had many incredible experiences, which you can read about at www. Here are a few excerpts from their last day on the island:

“Logan created an educational DVD that teaches the people coming into the clinic, about oral health, diet, some fun

clips about dental health, and a couple clips from the LDS Church. Sometimes people wait 5-6 hours to
be seen. If they watch this video enough, they will understand the importance of

what they need to do to stay healthy. I feel Logan’s in uence will continue long after we are gone from Tonga. That’s one of the Lord’s tender mercies.

The senior missionaries have loved our kids and been amazing grandparents to them. Our kids
have fallen in love with them as well. Coming
to Tonga, we thought we would have so much in uence on the Tongans and they on us. AND, that has happened, BUT what we didn’t realize was the in uence the Senior missionaries would have on our children and us. They have been amazing

in so many aspects. Thank you to them for their dedication in serving, their examples of faith, and never-ending love towards us.

Our experience serving in Tonga was the best thing we have ever done as a family. It was an experience that each one of us will cherish and remember forever. Anyone thinking of serving with their family, my recommendation is to just do it. Your hearts and minds will be changed forever. Incredible and life changing!” – Dr. Bryce Barfuss

A dental service expedition with your family is within your reach! There are many service

opportunities that are family friendly. Check out the service opportunities on our website and plan to make some wonderful lifetime memories with your family!

An incredible amount of service was rendered in the South Paci c during 2016: Approximately 4,000 patients were seen in the Samoa clinic at a value
of $2 million dollars; an estimate of 5,000 patients were seen in the Tonga clinic, valued at $2.8
million dollars; in one 3-week period approximately 450 patients were seen in Kiribati at a value of $220,000.