Roseman Univ. Students Serve

February 2015, Eight Roseman University Chapter Member Students (South Jordan, UT)  traveled to Guayaquil, Ecuador to provide free dental care to the underserved.  They arranged with a public dental school in Guayaquil, that allowed the use of 12 of their operatories to see patients.  While there, students were able to work for 5 days doing extractions, restorations, and cleanings, performing over 340 procedures. They also taught oral hygiene instructions to over 160 patients. Roseman - Ecuador 3

“One of the days we actually met a guy on the streets who happened to have keys to a medical clinic in his community so he took us to his village opened up this clinic that had nothing but plastic chairs and tables, and we saw about 30 patients there just doing extractions. That day was really fun because it was so spontaneous, it was supposed to be our day off at the beach but he said he had a toothache and that he had a lot of friends and neighbors who had bad teeth so we took our anesthetic and instruments and ended up working about 6 hours. It was amazing!

It was such a rewarding time and for a lot of us Roseman students this was the first humanitarian trip so it was a huge eye opener to the needs of these 3rd world countries.  We had the privilege of having a Maxillofacial surgeon from Georgia with us and she was able to mentor us and teach us things that we probably would not have been able to experience during dental school.  We plan on continuing this trip to Ecuador annually and bringing students from Roseman after I graduate!”  Khealynn Harris, student chapter member

Roseman - Ecuador 2Participant names: Khealynn Harris, Jason Gleave, Matt Bender, Quincy Thompson, Nate Criddle, Dallin DeLoach, Dane Nelson, Corey Carroll

Oral Surgeon from Georgia: Joyce T. Lee, DDS, MD, FACS
General Dentist from New York: Martiza Villamar Lozano DDSRoseman - Ecuador 4

Roseman - Ecuador 5Roseman - Ecuador 6                                                                  Roseman - Ecuador 1