David Chamberlain, Philippines Regional Service Representative

-Magandang araw and greetings from the Philippines! I hope to provide you an on-the-ground update of the Philippines dental clinic as well as other bits of information. (The clinic opened its doors on July 17th to provide humanitarian dental service.)

Full-time missionary service opportunity

I arrived in Manila on Saturday, September 17th with a very unique opportunity—to work for two weeks in this modern, four-chair clinic constructed within the MTC campus across the street from the Manila Philippines Temple. This dental clinic is available

to couples for six, 12, 18 and 23 month full-time missionary service. There are currently two couples serving here: Elder & Sister Burtenshaw, and Elder & Sister Stewart.

Modern clinic

What did I nd when I toured the clinic? A modern, four-chair operation that is computerized, using Dentrix practice management software, with digital panograph and intraoral imaging; completely new construction ( ooring, cabinets, counters, sinks, etc); clean, and air conditioned! Virtually any dental procedure can be provided in this clinic.

The dentist-missionary couple is very busy managing & running the clinic, and treating the full-time missionaries.


I attended Sacrament meeting at a ward comprised of local Filipinos, General Authorities and church employees with their families, American diplomats and business professionals (50% of the ward are Americans.)


Besides working in the dental clinic, additional activities for dental missionaries include temple work, serving in the ward, furthering relationships among Filipino dental professionals,and site seeing.

An Invitation

I invite you to call Rich Call (720-496-7374) or myself (David Chamberlain at 801-680-2209) to explore this opportunity to serve a mission as a dentist in the Philippines.