Portable Dental Equipment Rental

Planning a dental service expedition? To help facilitate a great experience with dental humanitarian service, the Academy has a number of Adec portable dental delivery units available for rent. These units come packaged in a hard case and include a high and low speed handpiece, air/water syringe, air-driven suction, and a high pressure hose.

Academy members can rent the Adec units for a minimal cost of $100 when current with their membership dues. Non-Academy members can rent the unit for $200. An extra $50 is needed when a unit is shipped rather than picked up personally, which covers added wear and tear during extra shipping and additional time the unit is rented out.

Normal wear and tear is expected, which the rental cost helps to cover. Sometimes units have been returned with pieces missing and other issues above and beyond normal wear and tear. To help with this situation, a small security deposit is paid, which is refunded when the unit is returned with all rental requirements being met. With good care, these units will be available for many future dental service expeditions.

Dr. Tom Johnston takes care of maintenance and rental of the Portable Dental Units. We are so appreciative of Dr. Johnston’s time and efforts which make such a positive difference for other Academy members as they work to make a dental service project become a reality. Thank you, Tom!

If you have questions about the rental process or would like to rent a portable dental unit, or for questions about the rental process, contact Tom Johnston by e-mail at johnstondental@gmail.com or by phone at 801.389.0538.