Service Resources

The following resources were contributed by Academy members who have shared experiences on what is involved in carrying out a successful project.  Every one of the following are valuable resources, which should not be over-looked when planning, preparing, and carrying out a humanitarian service project.

Humanitarian Funds to Assist with Dental Service Projects

Membership dues and donations are used to help fund the operation of the Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists). These funds are considered sacred, to be used to help further the mission of the Academy. One worthwhile use of the funds is to provide assistance with smaller humanitarian projects being carried out by Academy members – for patient care, facility expenses, equipment and supplies, and training/teaching materials.

A Humanitarian Funds Request Form is available for download here:

Request for Humanitarian Funds Form

See our Humanitarian Funds Guidelines here.

The completed form is then submitted to our Service Coordinator, Tricia Tippets, for processing and approval.

Take advantage of this great benefit of financial assistance as you go forth and serve those in need.

“A How to…” Dental Service in Developing Countries

Portable Dental Equipment Rental

Chapter: “Third World Volunteer Dentistry”

This chapter of a book was written by Dr. Richard C. Smith by the request of Dr. Karl R Koerner for his book entitled Manual of Minor Oral Surgery for the General Dentist.  This chapter covers dental conditions in third world countries, the levels of assistance (including the preparation), planning and preparing for volunteer service, and gaining a new perspective.  This is an excellent manual for the preparation for any humanitarian service project in developing countries. This chapter is presented by permission of the authors and the publisher.

Richard Smith Chapter by joe4299