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100 Humanitarians International

100 Humanitarians International is focused on helping people in Kenya, Africa.  Their  mission is to mentor families globally through self-reliance, education and entrepreneurship in an effort to eliminate physical, mental, spiritual and emotional poverty, while preserving
culture and tradition.

They set themselves apart somewhat because they provide both preplanned trips as well as having the option of customizing a trip for interested dental care providers.

With the reports of Covid related travel restrictions to and from Africa we reached out to 100 Humanitarians to ask if this is having an effect on their trips.  According to Heidi with 100 Humanitarians the restrictions are not affecting their humanitarian trips to Kenya.  As of now you just have to have a negative Covid test to get in or out of Kenya. As always, this is a rapidly changing situation and you should verify the most current information before making plans.

Current planned trips are scheduled for October 12-22nd, 2023 and February 29-March 10th, 2024.  

  1. The Maasai Dental Clinic is run by the World Dental Health Organization. Their goal is to have two dentists there year-round, with a minimum of two weeks on site (preferably longer.) They have most of the equipment needed, but their clinic is a challenge to get to. They do have on-site housing for the dentists. The one that we met had been there for a couple of months and was from Israel. Since they only need two dentists and the service time is longer they are currently booked out for quite a few months.
  2. The Nkoilale Health Center is basically a building for medical and dental professionals to work in. There is no equipment, so it would need to be rented or brought in and stored by us. (The Academy can help with portable dental units).  The Nkoilale Health Center is close by the 100 Humanitarians guest house.  Two members of the 100 Humanitarian team were instrumental in helping it get built. It does not have housing, so we would facilitate all of that. For families who want to come for a shorter trip (10-12 days) this would be a better option. We could arrange service projects for the families to do while the dentists are at the health center. This trip would be great for more preventative care like teeth cleanings.
100 Humanitarians is a GREAT option for members who’s schedules require a bit more flexibility.  You can learn more about them on their website at

They are also on Facebook with a page and a group, where we post daily updates on the projects that we are working on.

For more information or to get involved contact Heidi Totten, 801-432-0105, or Marissa Waldrup, 801-513-3454,

Arizona Healthcare Outreach – Phoenix, AZ

For opportunities to serve closer to home in Arizona, contact Arizona Healthcare Outreach . Collette Barr 480-830-9555


Ayuda Humanitarian

AYUDA [which means help in Spanish] has been providing humanitarian service for over 3 decades.  Spencer W. Kimball requested the formation of AYUDA as a means of serving where there was a huge need that the Church was not able to meet.

Ayuda members have served in many different countries throughout the world.  Most recently, we have focused on the Dominican Republic.

Ayuda has a trip scheduled for June 19-22, 2023.  For more information on this trip or if you are interested in serving with AYUDA HUMANITARIAN on future trips, please contact:

Contact Dr. Craig Smith at or 801.361.3287 or Alan Murray at

Charity Anywhere Foundation

Mission Statement

Charity Anywhere Foundation’s mission is to give ordinary people the life-changing opportunity to provide needed medical care, dental services as well as help construct basic shelter in less developed countries in the most economical way possible, while concurrently forever changing the mind and heart of the volunteer for good. 

Charity Anywhere Foundation has provided service in many locations including; Tijuana, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Guatemala.

November 2022 was an exciting time for Charity Anywhere. We had 35 volunteers go to Ecuador to
serve Archidona in the Amazon Jungle and then to the Galapagos Islands. They served over 6000
people. There were 30 Ecuadorian doctors, nurses and dentists that worked side by side with the
American Team.

The teams worked 3 days in the Amazon area and then flew to Galapagos for 3 days. In each area
dental, medical, and pain clinics were provided.

The American doctors, dentists and nurses were from Utah, Texas, Washington and New Jersey. Dr.
Zambrano was the expedition leader.

While there, the volunteers were able to tour the grounds of the newly built Quito LDS Temple. That
temple was dedicated the day the group left for the Amazon area. The group took the newly completed
medical, dental mobile unit to the Amazon on its maiden expedition.

The team provided fluoride dental treatment for children and reading glasses for the elderly. Several
surgeries were performed. Numerous sturdy wheelchairs were delivered for the back country use.
Ressimax, from Logan, utah trained medical specialists and distributed many of their pain-relieving

This year a similar expedition is planned for April 15 to 25 and June 17 to 27. Charity Anywhere is taking applications at this time. The cost is $1850 per person which includes transportation in Ecuador and to and from the Galapagos Islands. Airfare must be provided by each volunteer to get to Quito and return to the states. Our fees include housing , meals and local transportation.
Contact Gordon Carter for the application forms.

For more information on any of these opportunities please contact Gordon Carter with Charity Anywhere Foundation at 208-404-6304 or visit their website

Choice Humanitarian

CHOICE is a leadership organization that partners with rural communities around the world where villagers live on less than $1.25 a day. The CHOICE Humanitarian Leadership Model of village development empowers rural communities to create their own vision out of poverty. Since 1982, we have learned that leadership is everything. It’s the difference between villages succeeding or not succeeding. It’s the difference between full ownership or lack of it. Our approach integrates five core areas: economic development, health, education, environment, and culture.

Projects are used as tools to organize communities and mobilize resources to create long lasting change. The CHOICE approach is simple – native in-country staff mentor communities and their leaders by organizing and mobilizing them to create their own path out of poverty. On select expeditions, dental components can be included in the effort to promote sustainable impact.

Contact Steve Pierce, Phone: (801) 474-1937, Fax: (801) 474-1919, 

7879 S. 1530 West Suite 200
West Jordan, UT 84088

Church Dental Advisory Committee – Dental Missions

Opportunities are available in a number of locations throughout the world for those who can commit 18 to 23 months and are prepared to serve as Area Dental Advisers for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These Area Dental Advisers are called as full-time missionaries and serve as critical resources for the Area, providing care for:

  1. Missionaries entering the MTC that have been unable to receive basic dental care meeting mission standards,
  2. Currently serving missionaries who develop a critical problem during their missions, and
  3. Future missionaries preparing to serve.

Additionally, they work with Area Medical Advisers and Mission Nurses to properly triage emerging oral health needs with the missionaries and other missionary duties as may be assigned. The Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists) works with the Church to help provide resources for dental missionaries in different Church clinics throughout the world.

As dentists, we are uniquely skilled to provide this needed resource as part of the Bishop’s Storehouse, in furthering the Work of Salvation and hastening the work.  The rewards of this level of consecrated service to the Lord are enormous, and you will feel His guiding hand on yours – both clinically and spiritually – as you serve as a full-time dental missionary.  Language skills are helpful in some locations, but maintaining your dental license and your physical, spiritual, and financial health are the most critical elements necessary in order to serve.

The Senior Missionary Opportunities Bulletin:  The Church currently has active programs in the Philippines, Tonga, Samoa, and PROVO.

Contact Elder Rich Call at 720-496-7374, ,, for the details regarding each location prior to contacting your bishop and stake president to prepare your missionary application.


Community Building Community – Midvale, UT

Community Building Community is a volunteer Dental Clinic located in Midvale, Utah with service opportunities for those with limited time or wishing to serve closer to home.

Contact: Cathy or Tiffany, 385-887-9002


Davis Donated Dental Services – Kaysville, UT 

Davis Donated Dental, a program of Salt Lake Donated Dental Services, provides dental service to disadvantaged and in-need individuals in the Davis County area.  They coordinate with a variety of humanitarian service organizations to help patrons get the dental assistance they need. If you’re interested in serving you would contact them and expect to spend a half day on a Friday. Alternatively you can volunteer for a full day on a Tuesday. Both dentists and hygienists are needed.

Contact: Lorna Koci – / 801-631-3218


Dental Lifeline Network (Donated Dental Services Program)

Dental Lifeline Network is a national charitable organization whose mission is to improve the oral health of people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile, and have no other way of getting the treatment they need. This is accomplished through a network of volunteer dentists and dental laboratories who generously donate their time and expertise through Dental Lifeline Network to provide lifechanging treatment to patients most in need. Dental Lifeline Network connects volunteers with patients, and handles all coordination so that volunteers can focus on treatment.

Since inception in 1985, over 167,000 participants have received lifechanging dental treatment through this program, bettering their quality of life in a variety of ways, including restored smiles and confidence, improved employment opportunities, and even clearing up infections to enable patients to receive lifesaving surgeries. If you are a dentist or a lab interested in providing charitable care to those in need, DLN wants your help. From clearing up painful dental infections and helping others eat again, volunteering with DLN will make a lifechanging difference. If you or your colleagues would like to volunteer to see one patient a year, you may sign up at Or, if you would like to donate to Dental Lifeline Network, visit

Donated Dental Services (DDS), a program of the Dental Lifeline Network (DLN), is a collaborative, direct way that the dental profession reaches out to our nation’s most vulnerable people; disabled, elderly or medically-compromised individuals who cannot afford necessary treatment nor get public aid such as Medicaid or Medicare. Dental professionals do this by volunteering their dental services at no charge.

Participation could not be easier.  Dentists and labs take care of the patients. DLN’s Donated Dental Services program takes care of everything else.

“The altruistic activities of DLN are unprecedented:

  • Needy patients are analyzed by a social worker before they even qualify to be assisted by DLN.
  • You are given the opportunity to treat the patient in your own office free of charge.
  • You are working in a familiar environment with your own employees.
  • You do not have to travel.
  • You can combine these patients on days that you are accomplishing your normal treatment.
  • The patients are very reliable.
  • If laboratory work is necessary, dental laboratories associated with DLN provide their services free of charge.
  • Your services for the patient usually allows them to go back to work, become a normal citizen, get out of ill health, overcome threatening potential systemic maladies related to their oral disease, and very importantly regain self-esteem and well being.
  • The payment for you is just as you would expect – profound gratitude, thanks beyond belief, and tears of joy.

Get involved, and you will be richly rewarded.”  –Dr. Gordon Christensen

Contact: Katie Wienecke 303-407-1107 , 

For more information about this program, please call 303.534.5360, visit, or view the following video:  WHY VOLUNTEER

Click here to sign up as a volunteer

Dental Outreach Relief

Upcoming trips:

UGANDA:  September 12-23, 202 AND  January 9-20, 2024 ( $1750 per trip)

MEXICO: November 1-5, 2023 AND May 8-12, 2024 ($749 – dentists, $499 – Assistants/family per trip)

KENYA: March 8-23, 2024 ($1900/ 15 day trip OR $1450 / 8 day trip)

Contact Dr. Matt Jensen: 623-606-2217,,


Dental Volunteers for Israel 

DVI is particularly sensitive to refugees, as our founder, Trudi Birger was a Holocaust survivor refugee and her inspiration lives on. With the influx of Ukrainian refugees, DVI has reached out to this population and is now treating all arriving refugees in need, including those beyond our age range (4-26) on an emergency basis. We have “adopted” a resettled children’s home and are treating all of their residents as well. Israel is preparing for an influx of Russian refugees now, and DVI is prepared to receive these arriving refugees as well.
We have a number of open slots for the winter of 2023, so please let us know when you would like to volunteer.
We would be very grateful if you would, therefore, continue to inform your constituents about DVI. I am attaching a volunteer application form that you may wish to share with those who have never been here before.
We do schedule volunteers up to a year in advance and cancellations six months prior to volunteering have no cancellation fees.
Contact: Michelle Levine +972-2-6783101,,

Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI) Dental Volunteers for Israel provides free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of at-risk children and youth in Jerusalem every year, thanks to the benevolent support from our friends and visiting volunteer dentists from around the world. 

DVI is a free-dental clinic, relying solely on the donated services of dentists who are willing to spend between one to four weeks in Jerusalem to bless the lives of poor Israeli and Palestinian children. Apartment provided at no cost. Clinic is state of the art. Dentists work four days a week 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. This schedule leaves time available for seeing the city and touring country. This is a great service opportunity to help disadvantaged children and learn more about the Holy Land. We invite all dentists interested in volunteering to contact us to receive more information.

A Personal Note from Dr. Bruce Matis, Academy Member:

An excellent dental volunteering opportunity for LDS dentists is with Dental Volunteers for Israel (DVI).  The clinic hosts three dentists per week at a well equipped and well staffed, five chair, dental clinic.  DVI provides several housing options at no cost.  The Ramat Eshkol Apartment, which can accommodate up to six guests, is close to the Brigham Young University Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies.  The clinic has a four day work week from 8-1 with no patients on the Jewish Sabbath or on Wednesday or Friday.  Restorative Care under rubber dam is provided to youth ages 4-18.  All patients have been through a Preventive Program and commit themselves to adhering to it. Volunteering for DVI provides meaningful service to an underserved population and gives you and your guest(s) a generous amount of free time to explore and contemplate the significance of the Holy Land.  I have served there for the past six years.

Dr. Bruce Matis and David                                                                                                       Dr. Thomas Dickson


Desert International Foundation

Service provided in South Pacific; Samoa, Tonga, Kitibus

Contact: Dr. Wayne Chisholm 435-896-4347,


Dominican Starfish Foundation

Contact: Louise ZoBell 403-393-3491,


Ghana Make a Difference

Africa Service opportunity.
Come Join us in Ghana for a chance to do some good!
Ghana Make a Difference children’s home has a free-standing dental clinic that allows visiting dentists to do volunteer work there.
You can live on-site for a week or a month in a clean safe environment. Most doctors bring their children to help in the clinic or at the children’s home.
We do 80% surgery and 20% restorative.  If you want to grab a few friends that are dentists, come together.  It is pretty unforgettable.
For questions, contact Glen Stephenson DMD and visit the GMAD website

Global Dental Partners

Global Dental Partners has dental clinics located in Latin America. Specifically in Honduras, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. We also have access to a great dental clinic in Guatemala City. We do tons of free dental care for young men and young women preparing to serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We also do dental care for children, adults and families living in poverty in each country we serve.
Upcoming trip: October 14-21 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
We are also organizing private trips for those who would like to take their own group on a fantastic humanitarian trip. These trips must work into our schedule and must involve a minimum of 12 participants.  All of our humanitarian dental trips also include other humanitarian work outside our dental clinics. Our trips are ideal for those with our without clinical dental skills or experience.
For further information about Global Dental Partners or to sign up for one of our trips please contact Gary Evans at 208-403-7143.  He would love to talk with you about Global Dental Partners and answer any questions you may have.


Global Dental Relief

About Global Dental Relief

Global Dental Relief (GDR) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization established in 2001 to provide free dental care and oral health education to children living in poverty. GDR’s commitment is to return to these same children every two years to provide continuous care throughout childhood. On average, teams treat 100 children per day to top-notch dental care.

In the past GDR has hosted 30 clinics a year in six countries: Guatemala, Kenya, India, Nepal, Cambodia and Mexico. Volunteer clinical work is combined with opportunities to explore local culture and participate in guided travel.  To date, GDR has hosted more than 2,800 volunteers and treated over 180,000 children
Global Dental Relief is currently functioning and organizing trips.  Contact them to find out what opportunities are available!
To read more about this and a full list of other service and humanitarian opportunities currently available through GDR: Click Here

To learn more about Global Dental Relief, visit or reach out

Contact: Leah Grygleski at or call the office at 303.858.8857


Hirsche Smiles Foundation

Guatemala & Peru

Hirsche Smiles Foundation always welcome volunteers: dentists, hygienist, dental assistants and volunteers.

The dental team does have future plans for dental trips to Guatemala, Peru and hopefully new areas over the “big pond.” (Liberia, Philippines)

Hirsche Smiles contact person: Kathy Ross: or 801-376-7372

A Bit of History about Hirsche Smiles Foundation:

Since 1998, dentists have been providing dental care to rural isolated Chorti Indian villages throughout the mountains of Western Guatemala. The Hirsche Smiles Foundation was started in 1990 by:  Dr. Blayne L. Hirsche, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and Dr. Michael Chandler, anesthesiologist.

In the fall of 2002,  Dr. Hirsche and his wife, Sandy, were killed in a plane crash and in their honor, the foundation has continued as have the countless trips to the mountain lands of Guatemala.

The foundation and the great work that is done in Guatemala has continued.  All team members are volunteers.  The team’s capability is to do dental restorations, not just extractions. There are one to four trips a year to the interior of Guatemala.

Utilizing 4-wheel drive vehicles, teams of dentists, assistants, and other humanitarian workers set up portable chairs and dental units in rural schools and provide primary surgical and restorative care to first the children and then adults in the region. We work in conjunction with a local dentist from Chiquimula and local Chorti Indian support organizations.  Recently the dental team has added a service team to its group.  This group helps rebuild roofs, and walls in homes in remotes villages in the mountains.

Trips are in February/March and again in the fall of each year. Spanish language skills are helpful, but not mandatory. Trips are 7-10 days, costing about $1,200-$1500.  These trips are incredibly rewarding in terms of the people you are with, both patients and providers.

To read an article written by Kathy Ross regarding their visit to Guatemala in 2012, CLICK HERE.

CONTACT:  Hirsche Smiles Foundation (

Sandi Mangum: 801.372.3313
Stephanie White: 801.571.2020


ihelp Foundation

ihelp Foundation was started in 2003.  They have participated in building medical clinics, schools, homes, rushing into disaster areas, and bringing physicians and students to Central America and Haiti.  We focus on disaster relief and education in the United States and internationally.  We desire everyone to come and learn, to grow their abilities, and to serve those around them.  We believe that you will find a program that resonates with you, challenges you, and brings you tremendous joy as you serve others!

ihelp is excited to expand and add dental service trips.  The dental teams consist of dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, and volunteers who visit remote mountain villages and areas in Central and South America and Africa.  The team can perform extractions, restorations, and dental hygiene education.

Upcoming Dental Trips 2023

October 5th-15th                          Guatemala
November 2nd-12th                      Liberia

Upcoming Dental Trips 2024

February 23rd-March 3rd           Guatemala
April/May (date TBD)                Uganda

ihelp Foundation website

Please contact Kathy Ross if you have questions or if would like to participate in a dental service trip.  (


Salt Lake Donated Dental Services Clinic

In 1990 Dr. Ralph Montgomery recognized access to oral health care for the low-income and homeless within our community was nearly nonexistent. So many individuals and families were forced to go without much needed dental care. Often restorable teeth were extracted because there were simply no other options available. Dr. Montgomery believed that a healthy smile should not be limited to those with financial means. As a result, he founded Salt Lake Donated Dental Services (SLDDS).

To date, SLDDS offers a tremendous opportunity to give back to the communities we live in. The Salt Lake County clinic has five operating rooms, and the Davis County clinic offers a 10-operatory state-of-the-art facility, both with modern equipment and materials available. The dental offices are well organized, clean, and efficient while our staff are service oriented and passionate about dentistry.

Volunteering has never been easier! Dentists and hygienists are welcome to use the experienced and qualified dental assistants on staff or bring their own team. The clinic will schedule patients, provide equipment and materials, and maintain patient records. All you have to do is show up! The clinic is dedicated to working with the volunteers’ schedules and offers flexible hours: morning or afternoon shifts are available. All volunteer dental professionals are eligible for continuing education (CE) credits for the time they donate.

For more information about the opportunity and to schedule your next volunteer day, please contact Sasha Harvey, SLDDS’ Executive Director.