Africa (West): Mali, Ghana


by Laurence Palmer, DDS

Due to the lack of dental education and professional dental care, Malians often face serious dental infections.  In many cases these infections cause a slow and painful death. Malians believe in tribal healing and use this as the first mode of treatment.

Having had the opportunity to travel to Mali for several years, we have learned much about using our time and resources effectively.

You can help by:

  • installing solar panels
  • setting up computers, and installing DVD / television combos to enhance their education.
  • provide basic dental cleanings and procedures

It is an amazing expedition and I feel blessed to be part of it.  Each year we witness many miracles as we serve our Malian brothers and sisters.  Next year come join us!


Laurence Palmer, DDS

Dr. Laurence and Trudy Palmer at 801-540-7984 or

Dr. Brandon Taylor at 801-615-0620

>Read the previous trip report for details of what you can expect.


Dr. Glen Stephenson is our Regional Service Representative for Africa.  He gave the following update on his efforts in Ghana;

“We have cancelled  three of our trips to Ghana.  Currently, our dental clinic there is closed and we have paused any visits there. I may be going in the fall by myself or with a very small group to take care of some residents of the children’s home, but that is likely it for the year.  If people want to reach out to me, we can still have the conversations about planning trips in 2021.  I hope to have a bunch of them.”

How can you help?

  • Donate used dental equipment in good, resell-able condition.  Dr. Stephenson has a used equipment re-seller that will turn it around and provide some financial support for the children’s home in this difficult time.  The donating dentist would get a tax deduction for the maximum reasonable value of the equipment.  Good for everyone.