Guatemala Dental Clinic


Recognizing the need for improved access to dental care for future and current missionaries, expansion in humanitarian dental care for orphans, and a fresh perspective in dental education in Guatemala, the Church, in combination with a number of local partners, built an excellent 5-chair dental clinic in an orphanage in Guatemala City.  This facility, completed in 2009, was previously staffed by full-time humanitarian dental missionary couples and a number of volunteer dentists from around the United States and Canada.  The Focus of care for the clinic included three wonderful clinical populations; Future missionaries who are identified by their priesthood leaders, needing dental work completed before submitting their applications.  Missionaries in the MTC or missionaries serving throughout Guatemala who develop critical oral health needs while on their missions. Orphans from the Mi Casa Orphanage, and children from other orphanages.

The Guatemala Clinic is still functioning, but is no longer a Church Affiliated Clinic.  For more information on the transition and current opportunities to serve at the Guatemala Clinic please contact Dr. Rich Call at or Gary Evans with Global Dental Partners at