Celebrating 45 Years

Dr. Chamberlain

The Needs Before Us

Welcome to the 45th Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists) annual conference!  We are confident you will enjoy the Education, Fellowship and Service opportunities of this conference.

Please allow me to share from the examples and teachings of three leaders:

Collette Barr, AP, RDA

During the 44th Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists) Conference I was introduced to Collette Barr, AP, RDH.  I was impressed by Collette, who was one of our Distinguished Service Award Recipients.  Collette had served multiple dental mission trips to Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico.  After those experiences she realized there was also a great need for dental care in the United States for refugees who have no access to preventative care.  This led her to create Arizona Healthcare Outreach, a dental clinic located in an existing refugee center in Glendale, Arizona. This organization began operation in 2018 and provides dental care for underserved populations. 

Unnamed Stake Relief Society President

Collette’s experience reminded me of a story told by Sister Linda K. Burton of a stake Relief Society president who, working with others, collected quilts for people in need during the 1990s. “She and her daughter drove a truck filled with those quilts from London to Kosovo. On her journey home she received an unmistakable spiritual impression that sank deep into her heart. The impression was this: ‘What you have done is a very good thing. Now go home, walk across the street, and serve your neighbor!’”

Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, former General Young Women’s President

In her conference talk “The Needs Before Us”, Sister Bonnie Oscarson taught

In addition to serving your family and your ward members, look for opportunities to serve in your neighborhood and community. While at times we are called upon to help after a major disaster, on a day-to-day basis we are encouraged to look for opportunities in our own areas to lift and help those in need. I was recently instructed by an Area President, serving in a country which has many temporal challenges, that the best way to help those in need in other parts of the world is to pay a generous fast offering, contribute to the Church’s Humanitarian Aid Fund, and look for ways to serve those in your own community wherever you live. Just imagine how the world would be blessed if everyone followed this counsel!

Brothers and sisters… as you strive to become more like the Savior Jesus Christ and live your covenants, you will continue to be blessed with desires to relieve suffering and to help those who are less fortunate. Remember that some of the greatest needs may be those right in front of you.

In each of my above cited examples, serving internationally opened a vision for the needs before them in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. 

This is a major part of the Ensign Academy of Dentistry (formerly the Academy of LDS Dentists).

As we gather for this 45th annual conference we will engage in the mission and purposes of the Academy:  Education, Fellowship, and Service.   Doing so is designed to open opportunities to lift and bless others.

Education—dental professionals will be well taught by leaders in the dental community while our spouses will be taught from leaders from other fields that balance our homes and communities.

Fellowship—Traveling from Washington State, I personally love my time to visit with and reconnect with friends and colleagues from across the country.  As a group, or groups, we can share and coordinate a vision for our practices as well as efforts in our communities.

Service—To whom much is given much is required.  As dental professionals we have been given and developed unique skills and talents which have enriched us in many ways.  Do you also feel as I do a strong desire to use my time, talents, and resources to serve others?  At this conference we will discover ideas for local and international service opportunities.

So come and learn, reconnect, and get ready to serve!

—David Chamberlain, Academy President

Bringing together the nation’s best speakers for the entire oral healthcare team. Our next conference will be August 11-12, 2023

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Gordon’s Top 10 Reasons To Attend

1) Associate with your colleagues in a unique professional and spiritual environment.
2) Earn up to 16 CE credits (AGD approved)
3) Learn about the many opportunities the Academy provides for humanitarian service and how you can participate.
4) Learn and implement the latest techniques and methods from the best and brightest in the profession.
5) Combine tax-deductible business and family fun at one of the most family-friendly places on earth: Provo, Utah!

6) Take advantage of reasonably priced continuing education credits—a great value!
7) Get inspired! Fill your spiritual reservoir and go home feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.
8) Network, socialize, and renew friendships with spouses and families.
9) Have the opportunity to support scholarships for motivated and deserving dental and hygiene students.
10) Broaden your expertise in new practices and procedures to maximize your service and profitability.

—Founder: Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD

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$159.00 Dues Paying Member

$249 for non-members

16 Credit Hours

Includes Meals & Banquet


$649.00 Dues Paying Member

$849 for non-members

14 Credit Hours

Includes Meals & Banquet


$149 for Student

14 Credit Hours

Includes Meals

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