Guatemala in February and May!

Guatemala in February and May!

February and May, 2015, Dr. Michelle Freeze, her husband, Jim, and their daughter, Jordan, traveled to serve in the Guatemala clinic in February. Then they were privileged to serve again in May. Jim Freeze has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. While Dr. Freeze performed dentistry in the clinic, Jim spent his time creating a computer back-up system and fixing the computers and the network at the dental clinic.

Michelle said, “We look forward to serving a full-time couples mission when I retire sometime in the next 10 years. I assume I’ll serve as a dentist and Jim will provide computer and IT support.”

What an amazing couple! 
Freeze - happy boy

Freeze - Jordan

Freeze - with husband and children

Freeze - with missionaries

Freeze - with senior missionaries

Freeze - educating children