Northern California (Willows) 750,000 Gross, 300K Net 2022

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Your next/new dental practice is located in Willows, in Northern California where there are thousands of acres of Walnuts, almonds, olives, and rice. My employees are the greatest and have been with me for years as have my patients. I have worked here for 12 years and the dentist before me worked here for thirty years and the dentist before him left cabinets from the late twenties. I have decided it is time to pass on the torch after leaving my legacy in the smiles of family, friends and farmers, after graduating from BYU in 1990 and then Creighton University in 1994.
I took over two dental practices here in Willows, The older Dr Pierson trusted me with his long-term patients and the newer dentist provided me with a newer office and younger group of patients. I took over a newer practice with a building and moved the older patients to the newer setup, where I have been for 12 years now.
I recently upgraded all my x ray equipment to Vatech, put in new vacuum, and compressor. We are digital. I wish to pass on the legacy of fine dentistry and great reviews. Check out the reviews, my website is I have a 5 op setup, one plumbed for a 6th. There is plenty of space.
I net 45-50% working 4 days a week, averaging 176 days per year. My receptionist has been with me 11 years as well as my assistant. My hygienist has 6 years with me now.
I produce 750K plus and take home over 350K. You could add implants, orthodontics, endo and surgical procedures for higher production.
Details upon request. I am asking 295 for the practice and 349 for The Physical Building complete with solar which generates 100% electrical needs.