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I'm placing this ad on behalf of the office I work for in awesome Lynchburg, VA. This is a small group office that's very well established and has a loyal patient base. The owner is semi-retired and not seeing patients anymore but still checks on it each day. I've been here about 4 years myself and it's been fantastic. Easily one of the best offices I've worked for and I worked for quite a few out in Utah, New Mexico, and California.

Right now at the office it's myself working 4-5 days a week (the 5th is at my choice and schedule) and another doc who's only working 3 days a week and itching to retire very soon. The office used to have 4 docs until the pandemic (two retired during it) and has shrunk a little bit. There's 3 full-time hygienists and 2 more part time. All in all, we're doing about 1.9 million in collections all together. The office collects about 700k off my production on a single column, one assistant, 4 day/week schedule. The owner is pretty hands off and easy going. As long as you're willing to treat patients well, do good dentistry you can stand behind, and work hard, he leaves you alone and there's tons of flexibility to do the kinds of dentistry you like doing. I've done plenty of implants, refer out the endo I don't want to do and 3rds if I don't want to do them. We've got some fantastic specialists here in town. Previous docs in the office have done surgery, TMJ, etc. Right now we're so busy and booked out for the next 4 months just doing bread and butter dentistry that I don't mind having a couple crowns filling my day and passing off any stressful stuff to the great specialists we have here in town. We keep things pretty traditional just out of preference. We had a Planmeca intraoral scanner for several years, but like every other scanner and mill I've used (Red Cam, Blue Cam, Omni Cam, E4D) I wasn't a fan and things just work faster and better and easier with PVS impressions, but the office is open to adding tech that is worth adding and makes life easier for everyone.

Lynchburg is a really great place. I would have never found or chosen it on my own but so glad I did. A semi-isolated medium sized city with cool history, TONS of places to eat, and a few universities. The biggest is Liberty University, the "largest Christian school" in the nation and growing. Devout Baptists, the school has a heavy influence on the area and it is very conservative, probably more than BYU/Provo. Lots of faithful believers and devout Christians in the area. There's mountains and rivers and lakes all around. Lots of hunting, fishing, rafting, canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, and more. The mountains here have their own amazing charm and beauty you won't find out west. The Appalachian Trail's halfway mark is only 30 min away from us, and so is the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park is about an hour away. Appomattox Courthouse where the Civil War ended is only 20 minutes away. There's a lot of history to the area. We finally bought our own house recently and plan on staying for the long haul and raising our kids here. Whether you homeschool or trust the local public schools (we do!), this is a great place for kids, either way.

We have a small regional airport here in town and there's 4-5 more regional airports within a 2 hour drive, and International Airports at Charlotte, Richmond, Norfolk, and DC a little further out, so getting around is fairly easy with lots of options.

The heavily Latter-day Saint university -Southern Virginia University- is within our local Stake boundaries about an hour away with their own YSA stake. Lynchburg itself has 3 wards and we're growing and this has been the friendliest ward I've known as an adult.

If you want urban city vibes, downtown Lynchburg has it, as well as many of the other cities and towns in the area with their old downtown neighborhoods. If you want lots of space to go off grid in the counties there's plenty of space for that as well. There are plenty of farms and woods to buy of all sizes. We're halfway between Roanoke and Charlottesville. 2 hours from Richmond with its brand new temple, and 3 hours from Washington DC. 4 hours from Virginia Beach. 5 hours from the Outer Banks and Myrtle Beaches and both are very popular vacation destinations for the locals. We're only 3 hours from West Virginia with the New River Gorge National Park and whitewater rapids.

It's definitely The South here and a melting pot for the nation with the universities and you'll hear a dozen *different* accents each day. If you want to come check it out, give Frankie (the office manager and owner's son) a call at the number above, or myself at 805-444-6466. My name is Christian Lassen. You can check out my website at christianlassendds.com or google Brady and Crist Dentists.