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What can I say? We're located in a strategic location where you'll do Big Dentistry in a small town (two towns to be exact). Two very healthy thriving practices located in a very fun, exciting environment (we've already had two dentists from Utah/Idaho move here and stay in the last 3-5 years with their entire large families). We're close to Liberty University which gives a kind of BYU-esque town vibe with plenty of wholesome values and Christian couples at local creameries on date night.
The practices are busy and healthy offering new technology including electric handpieces, 3D cone beam scan, digital scanner (iMedit), Picasso laser, all the fun dentistry toys. But most importantly the office vibes are very positive, upbeat and rewarding. In fact, one of the offices is currently the highest google rated dental office in the country with almost 2,300 reviews. You'd be splitting your time between the two practices, one in Chatham, VA and the other in Bedford, VA and there are great places to live in between the two keeping your commute time reasonable (anywhere from 25-45 minutes) depending on where you choose to live and if you want to be in a ward/branch and/or what school district you want.
We can pay a high daily rate of $800 and/or 32% collections rate depending on your experience. But you will be able to be as busy as you want. Call me for more details- Dr. Wolf 540-816-8583