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GREAT PRACTICE IN SOUTH CENTRAL COLORADO: MAKE 400k-700K A YEAR! (All partners made 500k or more each last year)

I am one of 4 partners selling my 25% portion of the practice. This is a Franchise practice. This Great office is located in South Central Colorado. I have been working at this practice for 7 years now. I started at the office a few months out of school. My first full year working here I made 480k. It was amazing! 7 years later, we have earned enough to pay off all my student and business loans (About $930,000.00 all together...) plus have a beautiful home and live very abundant lives.

The Location:
This practice is amazing with six operatories and growth opportunities on the horizon. The office is located about 9 hours from Salt Lake city. 1 hour from Colorado Springs and 1.5 hours from the Denver Temple.

Multiple ski resorts within 2 hours of the practice. One partner is at the slopes every week. Also, the local lakes, rivers and reservoirs are beautiful water skiing, surfing, fishing destinations. FOUR Seasons of great Rocky Mountain outdoor weather! Multiple "14ers" to hike, the beautiful garden of the Gods within an hour, Pikes peak within 2 hours, and the list of outdoor activities goes on and on...

The Office Culture:
The culture among the doctors is phenomenal! All are active members of the Church! We help each other out. We step in when one of us is behind, or if there is something that we are struggling with. We truly work as a partnership because we know that we all do well when all of us work together. There are true advantages to having experienced partners who can spread the responsibilities of ownership out and help mitigate your risk of loss. I have found that having these partners has been a life saver! (The saddest thing about me leaving- is leaving behind these great partners!)

Our overhead runs about 45%, Which allows for a great take home check every month. (20k-60k!) We utilize Primescan for all crowns, Bridges, and mouth guards. As well as a CBCT to help with implant placement, Endo diagnostics, and it has been a fantastic addition to the overall treatment plan for each individual patient. We utilize well trained Extended Functional Dental Assistants (EDDA's) to place fillings and take impressions. It makes the workflow so much easier. There are so many great things about this practice!

Additionally you are your own Boss. You don't have anyone to tell you how to do your dentistry, no one to report to, but yourself and partners.

The Numbers:

I am Asking $550,000.00 ( With Some room for negotiation depending on whether we have to carry the loan or not...)

If you produce 1 million a year, You can expect an income of 550k. At a normal associate position you would expect 300k-350k.... The profit of 200k a year is a great incentive to avoid associateship and start owning...

Give me a call, send me a text or you can email at if you have any questions.