Ayuda Humanitarian (Trip report 2014)

Ayuda Humanitarian

AYUDA [which means help in Spanish] has been providing humanitarian service for over 3 decades.  Spencer W. Kimball requested the formation of AYUDA as a means of serving where there was a huge need that the Church was not able to meet.

Ayuda members have served in many different countries throughout the world.  Most recently, we have focused on the Dominican Republic.  In June of 2014 we took a large group to the Puerto Plata area of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.  We were able to treat some of the dental needs of about 500 individuals.  Some family members in our group were able to provide other service in the community.  We were able to accomplish the dental and medical requirements for several prospective missionaries.  All involved experienced a very rewarding week!

If you are interested in serving with AYUDA HUMANITARIAN, please contact:

Dr. Craig Smith at uscendo@yahoo.com or 801.361.3287